Expand beyond limits

Generate real values for your customers and your business with innovative telecommunication services.


Maximize customer opportunities
Drive your business to the next level

and generate real values for your customers and your business.
As a Service Provider, you have now the opportunity to expand your share of wallet and extend your market position by providing smart and reliable telecommunication services.

Create more value

Enhance customer experience providing high quality Telecom services. Grant your customers high-value and tailored solutions for their voice needs thanks to our global trusted telecom network interconnected with the world's largest operators.


Sell more

Increase your revenue offering innovative voice solutions. Easy to scale, deploy and manage and, easy to add to your own products and services, our flexible communication solutions offer you rapid go-to-market products.


Spend less

Benefit from one of the most reliable world voice network without heavy investment. One supplier, one single contract to get access to the global voice network: offer your customers the opportunity to reach the entire world, making domestic and international calls at highly competitive rates.


No need to choose between quality and cost, you have both all the time with our Intelligent Call Routing System (ICR). Thanks to optimization techniques, the ICR selects the highest quality path at the lowest rate for each call.

Hite Communications enables you to provide the most advanced telephony services at the most competitive rates .

Be wherever you want, call anywhere you want in less than 1 minute? Getting phone numbers from Sydney (Australia), Barcelona (Spain), Hong-Kong or New-York (USA) is as easy as "1-2-3".

Hite Communications makes it easy for you to provide geographical phone numbers from more than 60 countries and 4000 cities.

Saying "Hello !", "¡Hola!", "Bonjour !" is as simple as "Alô!". Enhance customer experience welcoming and redirecting the caller to the right destination in her/his own language.

Hite Communications enables you to create customized greetings and messages for your customer business needs.

How Hite works

A global trusted telecom network interconnected with the world's largest operators

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